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  • The Power of Holistic Marketing: An Omni-Channel Approach with SEO at the Helm

    By: Justin Abrams2023-06-08

    Explore the power of holistic marketing, integrating SEO & organic research to boost brand visibility. Success stories of Nike, Apple & IKEA guide the way.

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  • What are HTTP Status Codes?

    By: Justin Abrams2023-05-25

    Discover the intricacies of HTTP status codes. Understand their categories, importance, and impact on web development, SEO, and efficient user experience in our comprehensive guide.

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  • How to Create the Best SEO Report and Elevate Opportunities for Success

    By: Justin Abrams2023-02-21

    Creating a perfect SEO report and identifying SEO opportunities involves a combination of data analysis, insights, and actionable recommendations that can help improve a website's search engine visibility.

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  • The Basics of Structured Data for SEO

    By: Alfred Indigo2023-02-21

    Structured data is a type of data format that is organized in a specific manner, making it easier for search engines to understand and display information about a website. Structured data is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO) because it enables search engines to better understand the content of a webpage, which can result in higher visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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  • Comparing SEO Tools : SEMrush, aHrefs, BrightEdge, Conductor

    By: Alfred Indigo2023-02-17

    In today's digital age, optimizing your website for search engines has become a crucial aspect of online marketing. With the ever-evolving algorithms of search engines, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and tactics.

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  • Simple SEO Best Practice Guide

    By: Alfred Indigo2023-02-17

    To achieve higher rankings, there are two main areas to focus on: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to the factors that you can control on your website, such as the content, title tags, and meta descriptions. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to factors that are outside of your website's control, such as backlinks and social signals.

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  • How to join Google Analytics and Shopify Plus Analytics with Looker Studio


    Unleash the power of your data with our step-by-step guides. Master data analytics tools like Looker to boost your business growth and customer engagement.

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  • How to join Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics with PowerBI

    By: Justin Abrams2023-02-14

    Explore data-driven insights with our in-depth guides. Learn how to use data to improve business performance, optimize marketing strategies, and boost customer satisfaction.

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  • The Consumer Experience Lifecycle & The Marketing Continuum

    By: Justin Abrams2023-01-12

    Let's remove the channel of marketing from the equation and simply focus on the consumer. Regardless of the marketing channel you specialize in or prefer, understanding a consumer's lifecycle as they engage with your product, service or solution is a critical insight to creating effective marketing campaigns in the first place.

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  • What are the Dimensions of Avatars, Profile Pictures, Banners, and Posts and Other Media on Social Platforms?


    What are the Dimensions of Avatars, Profile Pictures, Banners, and Posts and Other Media on Social Platforms? Each Social Media Platform has a specific set of criteria for media assets. Everything from Dimensions to file sizes is available here.

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  • How do I find my customers in Google?

    By: Justin Abrams2022-10-26

    Its arguable that everything is becoming a search engine and learning how to meet your customers in the platforms that they are spending their time in, is the correct strategy.

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  • How do I create the best marketing strategy?

    By: Justin Abrams2022-10-25

    The goal of marketing campaigns is misunderstood. Everyone wants to crack the code to create the best marketing strategy. The biggest piece of advice that I offer marketing teams and content teams is a term I call, Cross Channel Synergies. I create the best marketing strategies because I'm keeping it all super simple.

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  • What does an SEO Audit and Checklist look like in Real Time?

    By: Justin Abrams2022-09-23

    I'm sitting in my lab actively auditing a massive enterprise eCommerce site and wanted to share a few steps and insights from my checklist. It isn't my full checklist, as that is accomplished over weeks and months, but as I sit down this morning, I thought I would share a bit of my formula.

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  • SEO Course Correction Results Case Study

    By: Justin Abrams2022-09-14

    16 months ago, this website was underperforming for its core competencies. ALL of the traffic coming to this site was sending signals of indexation to Google for ALL the wrong things. Here is what I did to course correct.

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  • SEO is the DigitalDNA of Business

    By: Justin Abrams2022-09-02

    If we break away from SEO 101, and move SEO into a place of strategic big data parsing, the true Voice of the Customer, and unify/influence the greater digital mix, SEO becomes part of the genetics of a marketing motion. Literally the digitalDNA 🧬of a brand.

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  • Turn Paid Off, Say Goodbye to Inbound

    By: Justin Abrams2022-08-22

    Eventually, SEO can contribute the lion's share of inbound activity and share a healthy holistic relationship with the other primary channels of inbound like PPC, Social, Advertising, and PR. A durable inbound future ensures a continuation of YoY performance regardless of a loss in budget for Paid Strategies.

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  • The DNA of Digital Marketing

    By: Justin Abrams2022-08-22

    Welcome to the digital helix. 🧬

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  • SEO vs. PPC: A Holistic Perspective

    By: Justin Abrams2022-08-22

    I don't really believe in competing channels of marketing. I believe in a holistic approach to inbound and am a student of the relationship between the channels, particularly Google PPC and Google SEO.

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  • The Importance Of An SEO First Developer Mentality

    By: Justin Abrams2021-08-18

    That time we met the legend, Ben Shapiro, host of The Voices of Search Podcast. Discover actionable strategies and learn ways to gain insights through data that will help you navigate the topsy-turvy world of SEO & Content Marketing.

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  • The Importance of SEO in Web Development: Understanding the Human Experience and User Expectations

    By: Alfred Indigo2021-06-24

    SEO first Web Development is the conscious inclusion of the human experience and user expectations with navigation, intuition, and call to action taken into consideration.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Core Web Vitals: Why They Matter and How to Master Them!

    By: Justin Abrams2021-04-01

    Master Core Web Vitals with our ultimate guide! Dive into the importance of CWV for SEO, user experience, and tips to optimize website performance. Boost your site's ranking today!

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  • 4 Free Ways to Appear Locally in Organic Google Search Results

    By: Justin Abrams2021-02-22

    Every single trade, industry, business, company, manufacturer, product, service or solution, has competitors in Google. Maybe there isn't another company that does EXACTLY what you do, but that just sounds like ego to me. There is always another website out there that is having a similar conversation and potentially preventing you from driving critical traffic to your website from Google. ESPECIALLY HYPER-LOCALLY. Here are 4 FREE ways to begin appearing locally in Google.

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  • SEO Consulting and Strategy

    By: Justin Abrams2021-02-20

    Are you in the market for Search Engine Optimization consulting? Are you looking for an elite practitioner and expert educator to deliver critical knowledge on SEO and Search Marketing? Are you looking to truly learn something about Google? Are you tasked with improving website traffic and brand performance? KEEP READING!

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  • Google Research : SEO Near Me

    By: Justin Abrams2021-02-17

    When you think of SEO, what comes to mind? Have you been looking for an SEO partner, agency, college kid who claims to know a bit about SEO? Do you realize that the most recognizable brands on earth are investing MILLIONS a year in the people, process, and technology needed to support a healthy organic search marketing strategy? Do you believe that there are dedicated professionals to the discipline of SEO that make massive full-time salaries as specialists? We figured. Keep reading.

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  • Search Marketing During a Pandemic :: SMX London 2020

    By: Justin Abrams2020-10-09

    Co-Founder Justin Abrams takes the SMX London 2020 stage at the heigh of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Joined by Matthew Kay, Head of Operations at Aira out of the UK. The topic of the conversation was Identifying Content Opportunities And Measuring Its Effect On The Customer Journey.

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  • SEO and Accessibility with Heroku

    By: Justin Abrams2020-08-11

    SEO has become the digital nucleus around which websites are being developed. Far from being simply about search results, SEO work centers around accessibility, site performance, branding, and more. Increasingly, the gap between SEO work and frontend development is shrinking. Justin Abrams and Michael Rispoli from Cause of a Kind, a Long Island, NY based digital agency specializing in full stack development from an SEO first methodology, share how the two halves of marketing and programming are essential in helping websites stand apart from their competition.

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  • Search & Interior Design: 4 Ways Interior Designers can Benefit from Search Engine Optimization

    By: Justin Abrams2020-04-13

    Search & Interior Design: 4 Ways Interior Designers can Benefit from Search Engine Optimization By Justin Abrams, Founder, Cause of a Kind

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  • Search First Design

    By: Michael Rispoli2020-03-01

    When you ask most designers what the most important part of design is, a textbook response is *empathy*. I’ve pondered this question quite a bit over the years and have arrived at the bold conclusion that while this is in fact a pillar at the foundation of design, it is not where I begin a project.

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  • SEO in 3. 2. 1... GO!

    By: Justin Abrams2019-07-18

    What is the best SEO strategy for my existing website? The age-old question for a continuously moving target. Gut check time!

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  • Speed is Mission Critical

    By: Justin Abrams2019-07-17

    After many years in the business of building websites, time after time we are asked some variation of: “what is the most important factor to consider when building, re-designing, or optimizing a web experience?”

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  • Adaptive Vs. Responsive: The Spectrum Problem

    By: Michael Rispoli2014-08-01

    My first fully responsive project was building the front-end of what would be a large human resources website. Being a novice in the responsive craft at the time, I read everything that I could in order to adopt the best possible solution. I researched CSS frameworks, fluid grids, and popular screen resolutions. Then I came across a strange term, adaptive design.

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