How to join Google Analytics and Shopify Plus Analytics with Looker Studio


Join Google analytics with Shopify analytics using Looker Studio

Joining Google Analytics data with Shopify Plus data in Google Looker involves several steps:

  1. Connect Google Analytics to Looker: Google Looker provides support to Google Analytics via the Google Analytics block. You'll need to set up the connection following Looker's documentation. After successfully setting up the connection, your Google Analytics data will be available in Looker.

  2. Connect Shopify Plus to Looker: Shopify Plus has a robust API that can be used to extract data into Looker. You might need a middleware data pipeline tool, like Stitch or Fivetran, to extract this data from Shopify and load it into a data warehouse that Looker can access.

  3. Prepare Your Data Models: Once both data sets are loaded into your data warehouse, you'll need to build LookML models for each data set. These models will define how Looker should interpret the data.

  4. Join the Data Sets: After preparing your LookML models, you can join the Google Analytics data with the Shopify Plus data. In your LookML model, add a join parameter to the view file that references the other data set. The join should be made on a common field, like the product SKU or the page URL.

  5. Create Explores and Visualizations: Once the data has been joined, you can start to create Explores and build visualizations using fields from both data sets.

Remember to always confirm you have the necessary permissions to access and handle data from both Google Analytics and Shopify Plus. Also, joining data in Looker requires a clear understanding of LookML, Looker's modeling language.