SEO is the DigitalDNA of Business


SEO is DigitalDNA for Brands

BOLD STATEMENT: SEO should be part of the genetics of business.

I am always open for debate, but this is an infographic that I have used for YEARS, with some of the most recognizable super brands on the planet to drive holistic SEO programs.

This graphic, in its beautiful Helix form, demonstrates the extended Buyers Journey and the marketing strategies that "ideally" apply through all moments of the consumer lifecycle.

If we break away from SEO 101, and move SEO into a place of strategic big data parsing, the true Voice of the Customer, and unify/influence the greater digital mix, SEO becomes part of the genetics of a marketing motion. Literally the digitalDNA 🧬of a brand.

SEO is so much more than just optimizing content to perform better in Search Engine Search Results. It is about LISTENING. It is about MEASURMENT. It is about ADAPTABILITY. It is about DURABILITY.