How do I find my customers in Google?


How to find my customers?

ODE of an SEO :: Where, Oh, Where is my Customer Searching?

Here is my personal experience with Search on a random day. It is surprising to me, how much of my time is spent researching, consuming, traveling and learning, OUTSIDE OF GOOGLE.

The most important part of this is that SEO, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, needs to happen anywhere that there is a Search Engine. Which does not just mean Google, folks.

Google Maps --> Local Bagel Shop

Google Maps --> Pharmacy Near Me

Google Maps --> Outdoor Adventures for Toddlers

Google Maps --> Gumbo Limbo State Park

Instagram --> Search #GumboLimboStatePark

YouTube --> How to fix a doorknob that sticks?

Amazon --> LCD Television Cleaning Kit

Google Home --> What is the weather in South Florida today?

What I find most interesting about my habits, despite being a proficient specialist in SEO, is that my search experience is accommodated by the platforms and their ability to provide the answers to my specialized queries and the moments of my personal day that matter to me.

Everyone is going to have a unique search experience. Professionally, I spend a lot of time in Google proper, or small research repositories like professional blogs such as Search Engine Land or Search Engine Journal , or LinkedIn and so forth.

Its arguable that everything is becoming a search engine and learning how to meet your customers in the platforms that they are spending their time in, is the correct strategy.