How to join Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics with PowerBI


Shopify Data with Google Analytics Data in Power BI

To join Shopify Data and Google Analytics data in Power BI, you can follow these steps:

  1. Get your Shopify Data: Power BI allows you to connect to your Shopify store through a content pack which pulls in a variety of data.

    • Open Power BI and select Get Data option.
    • Under Online Services, you should find Shopify.
    • Enter your Shopify store URL to establish the connection. Power BI will import data related to your sales, customers, and products from Shopify.
  2. Get your Google Analytics Data: Similar to Shopify, Power BI also offers a content pack for Google Analytics.

    • Go to Get Data and under Online Services, select Google Analytics.
    • Provide your account credentials to authorize Power BI to connect to your Google Analytics account.
    • After successful connection, select the analytics profile you want to use and Power BI will begin importing your Google Analytics data.
  3. Joining the Data: After you've successfully imported both data sources into Power BI, you can begin joining them.

    • In Power BI, go to Modeling > Manage Relationships.
    • Click on New to create a new relationship.
    • In the Create Relationship window, select your Shopify data on one side and your Google Analytics data on the other.
    • Select the field to join on. This should be a unique identifier present in both data sources, which could be the page URL or product SKU, for example.
    • Select Cardinality as Many to One or One to One, depending on your data structure.
    • Select the Cross filter direction to Both.
    • Click OK.
  4. Creating Visualizations: Once the data has been joined, you can start building your reports and dashboards. You'll be able to use fields from both data sources in your visualizations.

  5. Regular Data Refresh: Remember to configure regular data refreshes to keep your reports and dashboards up-to-date.

It's worth noting that you need to have necessary permissions to access both Shopify and Google Analytics data. Also, joining data from two sources requires some understanding of your data structure and how they relate to each other. If you're unsure, you may need to get help from a data analyst or someone familiar with both your Shopify and Google Analytics data.