SEO in 3. 2. 1... GO!


SEO in 3.2.1.FAIL!

Over the years we have seen every possible tool, audit technique, ideation and content development strategy,local visibility, technical best practices, common pitfalls and every possible cross channel digital failure you can think of. Every savvy way that agencies can come up with in order to move the needle for your business metrics. So, why hasn’t worked for your organization?

Most likely, at the inception of your partnership with any agency or consultant, a benchmark of your current performance will be recorded. Typically a checklist of common pitfalls and digital metrics are reviewed, such as:

  • How is each channel contributing to the overall performance of the business?
  • What are the KPI’s used to determine performance reporting?
  • Are efforts in marketing actually mapping to ROI?

From there the ability to understand current performance and technical risk would typically be a critical component. Essentially, “popping the hood” to take a look at the inner workings of the digital machine. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), such as:

  • Evaluate the current keyword footprint
  • Run a comprehensive technical audit to uncover errors preventing indexation or rank
  • Identify competition and understand gaps in your own visibility or content opportunities to fill consumer needs

Using a variety of tools or even enterprise level platforms to help with visibility reporting, research, monitoring metrics, storytelling and the cutting edge of digital insights. This is all incredibly valuable and should, in theory, lead to lift.

Ask yourself, “why has none of this worked?”

It's quite simple actually. The website you are optimizing, adding new content to, fixing technical issues on and hoping to the Google Gods that its performance improves,In reality, is an under-performing, painfully slow and antiquated web experience, that is not designed to perform in the current digital marketplace.

Search is evolving over 500 times a year. Algorithms that penalize performance, favor authority and look specifically for consumer metrics. Consider your environment. Optimizing junk, will yield junk results.

At some point, a business will need to evaluate the root of the scenario. There is only so much that the same old site can improve upon. Think about it as a car engine; there is only so far that you can push a standard v4 engine. If the goal is speed and power (a primary rank factor), at some point, the only option is to swap the engine for a better foundation to continue building upon.

Its the harsh reality of an ever evolving digital landscape.