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A place where we share our ideas and industry knowledge to quench the inquisitive palate and explain how we do what we do.
  • Crowdsourcing Education : Building a Serverless Stack Overflow for Students Learning at Home

    By: Michael Rispoli2021-06-08

    Building a Serverless Stack Overflow for Students Learning at Home. At the height of the pandemic in April 2020, as we watched the New York City Department of Education turn to an entirely remote learning environment, we saw an opportunity. Create a web-based, subscription-based software, where students could crowdsource their education. Breaking the barriers a classroom presents, by giving students from all over the world, the opportunity to connect with educators from all over the world.

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  • Case Study: Serverless Database Architecture with FaunaDB

    By: Michael Rispoli2021-06-08

    Building serverless applications using FaunaDB.

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  • Cause of a Kind is a New York Top 30 Software Development Agency

    By: Justin Abrams2021-06-02

    Cause of a Kind has been ranked as one of the Top 30 Software Development Agencies in New York by DesignRush Marketplace.

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  • Human Experience Marketing

    By: Justin Abrams2021-05-11

    Early on, people were focused on driving web performance but now there is this shift where we’re moving from search marketers to human experience marketers. It is all about asking, *“How does what I write, what services I provide, and what I build to serve a human need?”* It is about putting the human at the epicenter of the decision making process.

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  • Why is LinkedIn Down?

    By: Justin Abrams2021-02-23

    BREAKING NEWS :: LinkedIn is down today February 23rd, 2021. How crippling this feels to businesses, consumers, thought leaders, recruiters, and pretty much the rest of the professional world. But Why? Were they not all prepared and syndicated across platforms and other channels?

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  • 4 Free Ways to Appear Locally in Organic Google Search Results

    By: Justin Abrams2021-02-22

    Every single trade, industry, business, company, manufacturer, product, service or solution, has competitors in Google. Maybe there isn't another company that does EXACTLY what you do, but that just sounds like ego to me. There is always another website out there that is having a similar conversation and potentially preventing you from driving critical traffic to your website from Google. ESPECIALLY HYPER-LOCALLY. Here are 4 FREE ways to begin appearing locally in Google.

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  • SEO Consulting and Strategy

    By: Justin Abrams2021-02-20

    Are you in the market for Search Engine Optimization consulting? Are you looking for an elite practitioner and expert educator to deliver critical knowledge on SEO and Search Marketing? Are you looking to truly learn something about Google? Are you tasked with improving website traffic and brand performance? KEEP READING!

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  • Google Research : SEO Near Me

    By: Justin Abrams2021-02-17

    When you think of SEO, what comes to mind? Have you been looking for an SEO partner, agency, college kid who claims to know a bit about SEO? Do you realize that the most recognizable brands on earth are investing MILLIONS a year in the people, process, and technology needed to support a healthy organic search marketing strategy? Do you believe that there are dedicated professionals to the discipline of SEO that make massive full-time salaries as specialists? We figured. Keep reading.

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  • Long Island Broadcast Commercial

    By: Justin Abrams2021-01-29

    When we actually double click into healthcare, we can understand the path so many patients take which ultimately, may lead them to a short or long-term rehabilitation facility for one reason or another. With COVID-19, the downstream effect of an overwhelmed hospital system, lingering chronic symptoms, and the requirement of skilled nursing and around the clock care, make a rehabilitation center, an inevitable part of the healthcare journey.

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  • Search Marketing During a Pandemic :: SMX London 2020

    By: Justin Abrams2020-10-09

    Co-Founder Justin Abrams takes the SMX London 2020 stage at the heigh of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Joined by Matthew Kay, Head of Operations at Aira out of the UK. The topic of the conversation was Identifying Content Opportunities And Measuring Its Effect On The Customer Journey.

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  • Virtual Tours through a Pandemic

    By: Justin Abrams2020-10-08

    Especially within the industry of nursing, healthcare, rehabilitation, and patient treatment facilities, the need to adapt to a new normal of inbound patient and family experiences has been critical. Working with Philosophy Care and the Park Avenue Extended Care facility, we are proud to present a virtual tour, through a pandemic, in response to an inability to offer in-person walkthrough and tours to families and considering patients.

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  • Thou Shalt Not Build a Website Without Content

    By: Michael Rispoli2020-10-02

    Here at COAK, we made a bold decision. Copy writing is no longer an optional service for website projects. It was a bold move, and one we did not take lightly. Though we have lost contracts over it, we are sticking to it and here's why.

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  • SEO and Accessibility with Heroku

    By: Justin Abrams2020-08-11

    SEO has become the digital nucleus around which websites are being developed. Far from being simply about search results, SEO work centers around accessibility, site performance, branding, and more. Increasingly, the gap between SEO work and frontend development is shrinking. Justin Abrams and Michael Rispoli from Cause of a Kind, a Long Island, NY based digital agency specializing in full stack development from an SEO first methodology, share how the two halves of marketing and programming are essential in helping websites stand apart from their competition.

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  • Search & Interior Design: 4 Ways Interior Designers can Benefit from Search Engine Optimization

    By: Justin Abrams2020-04-13

    Search & Interior Design: 4 Ways Interior Designers can Benefit from Search Engine Optimization By Justin Abrams, Founder, Cause of a Kind

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  • Listen First: 4 Ways to Maximize ROI

    By: Justin Abrams2020-03-31

    The voice of the consumer matters more than you might think...

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  • How do I maintain traffic and revenue from my website during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic?

    By: Justin Abrams2020-03-12

    Normally, when we see "hot trends", Organic Search Marketing doesn’t typically react as quickly as Social or Paid or Email as an acquisition and awareness strategy. But every now and then Search reacts. Ultimately, its because the consumer is reacting.

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  • Search First Design

    By: Michael Rispoli2020-03-01

    When you ask most designers what the most important part of design is, a textbook response is *empathy*. I’ve pondered this question quite a bit over the years and have arrived at the bold conclusion that while this is in fact a pillar at the foundation of design, it is not where I begin a project.

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  • SEO in 3. 2. 1... GO!

    By: Justin Abrams2019-07-18

    What is the best SEO strategy for my existing website? The age-old question for a continuously moving target. Gut check time!

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  • What is a headless CMS?

    By: Michael Rispoli2019-07-17

    We talk a lot about headless architecture here. It’s something that I first discovered about three years ago when looking for a more flexible solution to more traditional CMS solutions like Wordpress and Drupal. Customers were beginning to demand sites that were better, more interactive, and behaved more like what they saw in native applications. I often found myself spending more time trying to make client requests and designs fit into the platform than building the features themselves.

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  • Speed is Mission Critical

    By: Justin Abrams2019-07-17

    After many years in the business of building websites, time after time we are asked some variation of: “what is the most important factor to consider when building, re-designing, or optimizing a web experience?”

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  • "I dont need a website"

    By: Justin Abrams2019-07-09

    Whether you believe your business needs a website, a better website, or a revolutionary website, the common denominator is, yes, you need a website in this current marketplace. Your customer expects it, your business depends on it, and the longevity of your goals and business commitments, depends on it.

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  • Crossing the Chasm: Cannabusiness

    By: Justin Abrams2019-07-09

    Emerging markets have one thing in common at their core. Consumer trajectory. Understanding where the consumers attention will be in the near future is the art of the go to market strategy. Developing a web experience to compliment is critical.

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