Turn Paid Off, Say Goodbye to Inbound



This might be the most important and oversimplified infographic I have come across. I have had this image in my archives for years and it is still simply and elegantly true and I wanted to share.

SEO is a long term commitment to Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy content, web experience and customer/search engine bot experience. SEO is a long term commitment to web excellence.

Eventually, SEO can contribute the lions share of inbound activity and share a healthy holistic relationship with the other primary channels of inbound like PPC, Social, Advertising and PR. A durable inbound future ensures a continuation of YoY performance regardless of a loss in budget for Paid Strategies.

Simply, Turn Paid Off, Say Goodbye to Inbound.

SEO drives north of 60% of KPIs ( Traffic, Conversions, Revenue), survive nuclear web winters.🥶

Brands that focus on an SEO first marketing strategy are off to creating a durable, high quality inbound future.

Happy Optimizing!

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