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AlwaysOn Website Management

Engineering for Resource Constrained Marketing Teams

On-demand web development is precisely as it sounds: Whether you require an update to your website, a fresh marketing asset, web design, have a new automation initiative or a new integration, simply convey your needs, and we'll handle the task for you, whenever you need.

Startup Igniter

For Founders That Want to Get To Market Faster with Higher Quality

We are a dynamic startup igniter renowned for our ability to catapult startups into the market in a short span of under 12 weeks.

Our unique program offers an intensive, hands-on approach, equipping bootstrapped and early-stage companies with the tools, resources, and expert guidance needed to accelerate their growth and seize market opportunities swiftly.

With a proven track record of rapidly transforming innovative ideas into successful businesses, we are your ultimate partner in turning your entrepreneurial vision into a reality in record time.

We Help Cool People, Build Great Products.

Our team of product developers and software engineers uncover the way things work, ignite ideas, and reimagine your business and it's relationship with technology and software.

Your Business Challenge, Our Solution

We immerse ourselves into your digital problem and architect a custom solution fit to your needs. We are proud bring our award winning, full stack, full service, on shore and inhouse services and skills to the most recognizable brands and the future of recognizable brands, on earth.


Risefluence initially began working with the Cause of a Kind team to take our platform from idea to market and have continued the ongoing partnership together. We enjoy working with them because they bring not only technical expertise and marketing acumen, but a great sense for go to market strategy as well.

It's been a rock solid collaboration and we deeply value their commitment, process, and working style. The COAK leadership team has also served as an important sounding board when navigating product market fit and building the right features for our users.

Build: Web Application built on Vercel, Node.js, Next.js, Fauna, Contentful and Algolia

Program: Startup Igniter 4X Award Winning


We're very glad to have Cause of a Kind as a key digital partner. COAK jumped in to make some very quick improvements to both processes and platform, and we've since extended the scope of our work with them to include a complete site rebuild. Our work with them continues to grow, as we've found COAK to be professional, productive and good strategic thinkers.

Bob Dever | Sr Director of Growth & Communications


During VeeFriends' Series 2 launch in April 2022, we worked with the Cause of a Kind team to develop an NFT pre-reveal html5 video game. We enjoyed working with the COAK team, as they were readily available, communicative, and open to feedback. We were on a tight timeline with the project, and COAK jumped in and worked hard to meet deadlines and revisions within a short time period. The end result was a fun, interactive game for our community to play.

Erik Zettersten | Head of Technology

Build: Game Maker Studio Custom Retro Game


Working with COAK has been great for SPAN. Unlocking greater web development capabilities has driven concrete revenue gains and efficiencies in our processes. The ability for COAK to automate our QA process, ensuring quality releases, has greatly reduced the lift on internal teams to execute. COAK are great partners to work with as they're always on time, and deliver quality work with minimal fuss.

Ben Stops | Marketing Lead

Build: Webflow Website Redesign and Maintenance with Custom React Web Forms to Salesforce

Program: AlwaysOn Website Management

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