Now classfied as globally endangered in 2017.

1.5 acres

The amount of rainforest lost every second.


The amount of children that die due to poverty every day.

25 million

The age in years of the Great Barrier Reef when it was declared deceased.

2.7 million

The number of dogs and cats killed in shelters each year.

100 million

The estimated number of marine animals killed each year due to plastic debris.

11.07 million

The number of sub-Saharan African children that do not complete primary education.


The number of children that die each year from poor water and sanitation.

Products For Change

What is Cause of a Kind? We are a unique store that produces apparel and hard goods with the intention of changing our worlds most troubling statistics. In short we've all got issues, and our aim is to use business to help.

Our brand is simple and refined, our products will feature black and white designs and be paired with a specific not-for-profit, whose aim is to battle our world's maladies. Why black and white? Why simple? Why one product per charity? Because we want our products to represent a story, their story, free from distraction and fluff.

The products are available to purchase for thirty days. They will run as thirty day campaigns so supplies are limited. It also means we rotate our inventory often and the causes we tackle. With so many causes that need our attention, we need to apply ourselves liberally and with vigor.