Elite software engineering for:

The Worlds Most Difficult

Software Problems.

Cause of a Kind exists to help brands solve the most complex, mission-driven problems. Partnering deeply with development excellence top of mind, to achieve deep and impactful results.

We turn difficult digital problems upside down by reimagining the web experience from what is to what could be.

Binary Blaster

Inspired by the early 80s arcade games, Asteroids, we take an old favorite and introduce a community enriching and experimental marketing strategy with, Binary Blaster.

Create Software with a Purpose.

Our elite team of web and software engineers uncover the way things work, ignite ideas, pivot, and reimagine your business and it's relationship with technology and software. We lead and thoughtfully participate in your digital evolution.

Redesigning Web Experiences with Precision

We are thought leaders in SEO and the development space, providing perspective and industry excellence. This allows our team to immerse themselves into understanding your digital problem and architecting a custom solution.

We are a group of digital nomads comprised of software architects, web engineers, metaverse and blockchain pioneers, search engine specialists and SEO's, project managers, research analysts, and customer experience specialists that come together to find elegant solutions to complex digital problems.

We operate as a village. A band of skilled digital artisans, where every team member has a defined core craft with the encouragement to explore their ideas and interests, as well as contribute broadly to all projects. We deploy the skill set needed to accomplish any challenge.

Simply, we are here to shake things up.