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Driven by mission.

Cause of a Kind exists to give a voice to the people and causes that need to be heard the most. We are a collective of digital artists, software engineers, marketers, and product developers that unite to help those on the front lines, achieve their mission.

We believe that too often ground-breaking design, technological mastery, and powerful storytelling are reserved for the elite. Through a combination of skill and tenacity we can use our expertise to bring your voice to the world in order to build a better one. Cause of a Kind works to reinvent the traditional web experience, tranforming websites into digital epicenters.

We love social entrepreneurs and not-for-profits.

Cause of a Kind began as a social venture. In 2017, we sold t-shirts to help the environment. Everything we have attempted has been a validating proof of concept, evolvig into a well round digital experience. Cause of a Kind has since evolved into a revolutionary digital agency, but our passion for social, political, and environmental causation has held strong. If you run a not-for-profit or are embarking on a social entrepreneurial venture we'd love to hear about it.

We do more with less.

Headless and serverless that is. We specialize in cloud deployed, highly performant, light-weight, headless content managment systems (Contentful, Shopify API, Commerce Platform) and serverless deployments (, Heroku, Netlify)in order to provide unmatched digital experiences. If you've been hearing people rave about headless content management, JAMstack, and content distribution networks, then we we want to talk to you. We take the complexity out of microservices and bring this incredible technology to everyone. Time to come off the monolith.


Bring Your Own Brand. We help your brand shine through your digital epicenter but we don't build brands. If you need logos, typefaces, mission statements, and purpose we can refer you to some great people. However, if you have a strong brand but find that it's just not showing through your website, digital marketing, or applications then we can help.

We do it all or nothing.

SEO, design, development, content marketing and strategy are all separate departments at most agencies. They let you do one or the other or two and two or this but not that.

Not here.

Search visibility, marketing, and content are at the heart of design and development. Every website or application we make is optimized for both humans and robots from the ground up. All of these departments work as a single unit here at COAK.

Never outsourced.

We NEVER, EVER, outsource. Ever. Not design, not marketing, and especially not our development. We are a boutique agency, hyper focused on your business initiatives. We do not entrust your site and your user's data to people we have not met and vetted ourselves. Our standards are never sacrificed to save a dollar and our teams work too closely together to have design and marketing working in the western hemisphere and the development team working in the easter hemisphere while they sleep. There is no such thing as a 24/7 development cycle, there is no such thing as collaboration in the middle of the night. When you come here you get a team, a team that knows eachother, that works with eachother, and you can contact any member of. We specialize in the customer experience an know first hand, the value of a tangilble business relationship.

No Templates

We don't just modify wordpress and shopify templates here. We build fully customized experiences that reflect the best of your brand. If you just need some light modification to a Shopify or Wordpress template then you are in the wrong place.Building digital epicenters is a commitment to a long term marketing strategy that will elevate your business metrics and drive your to your goals.

No time tracking.

We do not bill projects by the hour. Why? It's simple, the most critical parts of a project happen in the last 20% of the project. When a project runs hot on time, you can only cut what hasn't been done. In the case of a software project the end is critical QA and testing. It's far to easy to let operations and accounting push for a project to launch before it is ready. Do you really need that extra day of testing? Do we really need to check just one more device and browser? Yes, yes we do. We stop the temptation for these types of business pressures by holding strong to flat rate pricing and never tracking the time. We can't worry about what we don't know about and you get a better product as a result.

Publish once ship everywhere.

At the heart of everything we do is ensuring that your digital operations, your website, it's search visibility, content, and the management of all assets are smooth and efficient. We ensure that the management of your digital operations is just as easy as the site is for your users. This is at the heart of our belief in microservices and headless content management. As your digital footprint expands, we're there to make sure that the smallest possible team can manage it with the least amount of duplication of effort.

We are small, but mighty.

We are a small team of digital artisans that work hard to bring the best of their craft to all businesses and organizations. Everything is made to order and built specifically to satisfy all of your business requirements.

Do I really need that?

If you are asking yourself if you really need a custom designed, efficient, thoughtful, performant, search engine optimized website--then we are not the shop for you. Choosing a custom representation, built to specification, to elevate your business is our primary goal.