Cause of a Kind Store

The COAKstore is a tribute to our early roots. We were deeply focused on brand identity and committed to environmental sustainability through the sale of clothing. An experiment from our earliest days and our latest contribution to ecommerce and Web3.

Inline Logo Tee

Standard Logo Tee

Jumbo Logo Tee

COAK Zippo

Cause of a Kind Sticker

Inline Logo Long Sleeve

COAK Embroidered Sweatshirt

COAK Embroidered Hoodie

COAK Embroidered Trucker

COAK Embroidered Unstructured Hat

COAK Infant Onesie

6 to 12 Months ONLY

Take Back Tomorrow Tee

Not Your Trophy Tiger Tee

Recycled America Tee

Not Your Trophy Elephant Tee

Pumping America Tee

Sea Level Rising Tee

Preservation Tee