The Consumer Experience Lifecycle & The Marketing Continuum


The Marketing Continuum & The Consumer Lifecycle

Let's remove the channel of marketing from the equation and simply focus on the consumer. Regardless of the marketing channel you specialize in or prefer, understanding a consumers lifecycle as they engage with your product, service or solution is critical insight to creating effective marketing campaigns in the first place.

It is well known that the consumer journey has a lifecycle to it. Great practitioners understand the consumer at every stage of this lifecycle.

Logically, every consumer begins as a STRANGER. A random individual or business that has no awareness of the product, service or solution and may not even know that they are a potential prospect either.

The idea is to convert that stranger into a PROSPECT.

This step alone could take an immeasurable amount of time depending on the product, service or solution. The idea is to create marketing campaigns that work to ATTRACT, ENGAGE and DELIGHT, providing the greatest opportunity to move a consumer through the lifecycle.

Once a prospect is aware of the product, service or solution, sales motions and digital funnels work to convert that prospect into a CUSTOMER.

With highly competitive markets, every business has a competitor that is also trying to grab the customers attention. 😰

This is why it is critical at each phase of a consumers experience for a brand to continuously ATTRACT, ENGAGE and DELIGHT their customers. Without this, a competitor has an opportunity to convert your customer that you worked so hard to acquire.

The complete Consumer Experience Lifecycle aims to retain customers and delight them to the point where not only are they a customer, but they are a PROMOTER.

Promoters are the most effective form of marketing their is. Maybe not even arguably... 🤯

Why? ✅ Lowest Consumer Acquisition Cost ✅ Highest Closed/ Won/ Sold Rate ✅ Born from Trust

Measured in: ✅ Customer Lifetime Value ✅ Retention

📌 It is important to note that each phase of the Consumer Experience Lifecycle requires marketing campaigns that ATTRACT, ENGAGE and DELIGHT.

This is the continuum.