4 Free Ways to Appear Locally in Organic Google Search Results


4 Free Ways to Appear Locally in Organic Google Search Results

Have you configured Google My Business?

  1. Significantly complete you Google My Business profile. This is a critical step to obtaining a hyper local map listing as well as communicate critical information to google and your customers alike.
  2. Completing every element with your neighboarhood in mind.
  3. Currate your first photos to be exceptional and representative of your business
  4. Ensure that you are requesting Google Ratings and Reviews from your customers and partners.
  5. Outline your Services thoroughly.
  6. Display your key products and their details accurately and keep this maintained and current.

Is your website hyper-locally curated?

  1. Geographically modify your on-page content to focus on the locations, towns and service areas you are most interested in. a. If you are a local fitness studio, an example of your on-page content should read: "FitFake is a Garden City, NY premier fitness facility, servicing the surrounding community of Franklin Square, Hempstead, Garden City Park, Mineola and more."
  2. Are you optimizing your SEO rank factors such as title tags, or Header Tags or Internal Links on your web page? These are managed through your websites Content Management Software. a. An example of your title tag would be: Fitness Facility | Garden City, NY | FitFake

Are you constantly calling out your location in your marketing efforts?

  1. There is often a common misconception with Google. Marketers often forget how critical it is to think about reaching the entire human consumer experience.
  2. While we optimize the website to speak and educate hyper-locally, we have to take the same approach to the rest of our digital strategy. a. Social, Email, Video, Paid Search, Broadcast commercial, billboard, advertisements, display, branding, and so much more, require the same hyper local content strategy. b. From location tagging in social media, to geo-modifying email subject lines, to creating commercials in your local community or branding with your community in mind, hyper local is critical to you complete consumer experience.
  3. All signals lead to Google. Google is a part of ALL of our lives in one way or another. Everything a consumer does, explores, researches, purchases, considers, and so forth, Google is listening to.
  4. Understanding that the holistic evaluation of your hyper-local Expertise, authority and Trustworthiness are collectively gathered over your entire marketing strategy and you interactions with customers and community.
  1. Nothing in this world is more powerful than a referral. This is true in web marketing as well.
  2. In order for a search engine to understand the Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness and overall value of a website, the search engine will map its peers.
  3. Obtaining reference links from other websites is a form of digital referral currency. The more local businesses that reference your business, the more critical it is that Google prefers your business to the searcher.
  4. Hyper Local is actually mission-critical for Google. Pair consumers with the most trust worth websites to help them with the moments that matter in life.

Lastly, keep writing. Keep adding more content to your website. This can be blog content, product descriptions, services, links, images, infographics, and so much more. Remember to hyper locally modify it. Ensuring that the search engine truly understands your desire to be relevant to your community.

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