SEO vs. PPC: A Holistic Perspective


Cant We All Just Get Along?

I don't really believe in competing channels of marketing. I believe in a holistic approach to inbound and am a student of the relationship between the channels, particularly Google PPC and Google SEO.

SEO vs PPC : A Holistic Perspective

It has been my first hand experience, consulting with the most recognizable brands on the planet, that the answer to driving deep and meaningful inbound results comes from a healthy relationship between SEO and PPC. There is rich and substantive data to glean from both channels with learnings that can impact the success, or the failure of each strategy.

I always found it interesting that these two disciplines, for the most part, are at odds. Quite literally competing for attention, budget, approval, results, and SERP real estate. When in reality, if these two channels are absolutely in harmony and working together towards common goals, the strategy of SERP DOMINATION emerges.

I ask you, don't you think your stake holder would want to see their domain perform in above the fold PPC positions as well as Organic positions? Or do you think that they would rather one or the other?

Happy Optimizing!

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