Software as a Service

Cause of a Kind productizes the small SaaS solutions that we build to fill gaps in the current market. Often these are add on's and would not be lofty enough for a startup, but drive the same value to the websites they live on. Ask us about custom builds.

Headless Email Referral and Rewards

Headless Email Referral and Rewards lives within the email template, and is an incentive program for customers to refer their network, while being rewarded for the recommendation.

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Headless Crypto Payments

Headless Crypto Payments allows a website to offer payments with cryptocurrency, without the need to use an institutional platform or vendor. This is a wallet to wallet payment experience, complete with centralized customer data for billing and shipping.

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Branded Retro Games

Have you ever wanted to utilize a game as an opportunity to engage creatively with your customers? Or perhaps you want to stand out at an event or industry conference? At Cause of a Kind we create branded retro web and mobile games for businesses.


Passwordless Authorization with a Magic Link

Building a login function inclusive of privacy requirements, password resets and user Id and password storage can be expensive, vulnerable, and time consuming. Introducing the Magic Link authenticator using the security of personal email and no password.

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As a monthly service, we partner with brands to drive organic performance and specifically focus on SEO and CRO to maximize the value, engagement and retention of organic visitors to web sites.


NFT's: Forge to Mint

From the inception of an idea, through the creative all the way to mint, we bring development excellence and mind bending creative to web3.

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Contentful Shopify Integration

Control your e-commerce store with Contentful and extend it’s capabilities beyond restrictive Shopify templates. A solution with ultimate flexibility focused on achieving your eComm goals.

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