Google Research : SEO Near Me


Somewhere along the way, during your quest to identify THE marketing strategy that is going to increase your revenue, sustain year over year revenue growth goals, and drive tons and tons of google traffic to your website, the topic of SEO was haphazzardly passed along to you, "to check out".

Ill bet that Google search was daunting, overwhelming and likely, even more useless and confusing than those three little letters, S.E.O.

Google Search : "SEO Near Me"

You'll return an ocean of people and small businesses, claiming they can help you. Best of luck with your evaluation process, and even more wishes for good luck in the engagement with them.

What is SEO?

The other guy will tell you some wikipedia definition.

Search Engine Optimization is the action of changing elements on a website page in order to match a consumers interest in your product, service, or solution.

Well, we would like to agressively challenge that.

Ask us, What is SEO? Go ahead.

Search Engine Optimization here at Cause of a Kind, is fundamentally, operating your marketing strategy and all business decisions strictly influenced by listening to the Voice of the Consumer.

Let that sink in.

Listening to the Voice of the Consumer

When we analyze your business, we analyze your industry, your competition, your position amongst your peers and your current qualified conversation with your consumer audience. When we take a look at a competitor for example, we are able to understand, what likely drives business to your competitors website, likely leading to their revenue goals.

Wouldn't you like to crack your competitors secret "SEO" code?

It isn't a secret at all. But wouldnt you like to know?

SEO is truly about listening. It is the influence of optimizations to your existing marketing strategy. If you do not have an existing marketing strategy, YOU ARE IN LUCK. SEO now has the luxury of developing a foundation for your business built on listening to your consumer audience, your peers, your industry, your competition.

If we are really listening to our consumer audience, our competition, our industry best practices, and our peers, SEO should reframe the way we think about:

  • Brand Identity, Logos and Style Guides
  • Brand Voice and Mission
  • Website and Visual Collateral
  • Social, Email, Paid Search, Direct Mail, Advertisement, Radio, Television, etc
  • Software Innovations and Business Efficiencies
  • Product, Service and Solution Research and Development
  • Market Research and Investor Relations
  • Public Relations and Brand Management
  • And So Much More...

Oh, and another assumption, (just from our many many years of experience with organizations of all industries, shapes, sizes and goals) I bet you also read this and are thinking,

"My business is unique. No one could possibly understand." This is also FALSE.

Please consider zooming out. Your industry is Business to Business, or Business to Consumer, or Consumer Packaged Goods, or eCommerce, or Healthcare, or Technology, Hospitality, Education, Retail, Financial and so forth. If you think your specific business is some earth shattering new idea never seen before, remember, there is someone out there that is researching the product service or solution you offer right now, and they are looking for you and your very unique specialized business. Or you wouldn't be here with this terrific idea, looking for more customers and a secret weapon marketing strategy. Prove me wrong.

Good luck. Let us know how we can help.

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