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We are an elite team of software and web developers, advisors and consultants, digital leaders, designers and SEO's who share a passion for bleeding-edge software and web engineering. We focus on strategically solving the most complex digital problems and we do not compromise on quality.

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Our focus will remain on the power of problem solving to connect users with brands in meaningful ways. But it’s the strategic thinking, tactical structure, and web mastery behind each project that achieve deep and impactful results for our clients.

We do not use templates. We deliver custom web services and solutions, based on your vision and design requirements. By balancing speed and quality, the end product is a highly-crafted web experiences to drive measurable impact - when we deliver, we deliver correct.


During VeeFriends' Series 2 launch in April 2022, we worked with the Cause of a Kind team to develop an NFT pre-reveal html5 video game. We enjoyed working with the COAK team, as they were readily available, communicative, and open to feedback. We were on a tight timeline with the project, and COAK jumped in and worked hard to meet deadlines and revisions within a short time period. The end result was a fun, interactive game for our community to play.

Erik Zettersten | Head of Technology

Build: Game Maker Studio Custom Retro Game


We're very glad to have Cause of a Kind as a key digital partner. COAK jumped in to make some very quick improvements to both processes and platform, and we've since extended the scope of our work with them to include a complete site rebuild. Our work with them continues to grow, as we've found COAK to be professional, productive and good strategic thinkers.

Bob Dever | Sr Director of Growth & Communications

Build: High Fidelity Brochure Website

The Visual Brand

When launching my studio 10 years ago, I made the strategic decision not to bring technical development in-house, but to work with best in class partners who could provide the same level of service and imagination we strive to deliver. With the good fortune of some high profile and long term client relationships, we get solicited by tech partners often. I made the propitious of engaging with Justin and Mike from COAK soon before a major opportunity came to light, and they successfully won the work over some much larger firms. It is a decision that neither our client or we will ever regret, because COAK not only met but exceeded expectations. I hope to have a long term relationship with this collaborative team.

Randy Herbertson | Principal

Build: Full-Stack Software Solution on AWS, in React, with React3Fiber


We love working with Cause of a Kind, and not just for their great product development expertise. They're also awesome to talk with about business strategy (they always make thoughtful suggestions), future product iterations (they're excellent problem-solvers), and macro trends (they've helped make us smarter about Web3), and they do it all with an infectious spirit and genuine curiosity that we definitely appreciate in a collaborator.

Mike Morrell | COO

Build: Chat Bot solution for Slack, Teams and Discord


TakeTatt has the ambitious goal of making tattoo removal affordable, and a better overall experience. One of the challenges is servicing thousands of clients efficiently, with fewer labor resources. I think one of the many challenges posed when starting a new project is choosing the right solutions of technology, logic & user experiences. In my past experiences, working with even the most talented engineers, is that you simply take your idea to them and it's created only to discover that it really could have been done in a better way.

The moment we got started with COAK, I noticed the difference. They understood the entire tech landscape, and all the tools we had at our disposal. They listened to the problems that we were looking to solve, and asked questions that were intuitive. They provided solutions that were thoughtful, and provided pathways to future projects and features. I can confidently say that they will save us countless time, and money in the future by fully understanding our business and it's goals.

Wes Henderson | Co-Founder

Build: Back Office Web Application / CRM Platform / Internet of Things App

Peeq Disco

With the skill and obvious expertise of the CoaK team aside, the biggest thing that we can say about working with Justin, Mike, and their team is that they are a true partner. As we've built a product together, it has been a collaboration rather than a transaction. Our conversations go beyond the product itself, to include usability, customer experience, and growth roadmaps. We're looking forward to continuing to work with the team.

James Allen | Co-Founder

Joey Medici | Co-Founder

Joseph Schettini | Co-Founder

Build: Headless Commerce and MVP SaaS Platform

Green Gobbler

My experience with Cause of a Kind was OUTSTANDING. Justin and Mike are an absolute pleasure to work with. They exude enthusiasm and passion for what they do and it pushed our team to reach goals that we never thought possible. They are one of the most organized, reliable and responsive partners that we've ever encountered. I am a customer for life!

Matthew Sternberg | COO

Services: SEO and Content Writing

Island Rock

Cause of a Kind has become an integral resource for our business since our original partnership. They are a team of knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about delivering top level service and state of the art technology for their clients. As a small business, Cause of a Kind has empowered us to take back control over our digital appearance and has given us the ability to connect with our customers like never before.

Ross Slotnick | General Manager

Services: Headless Web Experience

HealthPlus Management

HealthPlus Management is a strategic partner and physician support organization for over 30 physician/practice brands in the musculoskeletal industry. As part of our commitment to build our clients practices, we take pride in developing their brand presence and positioning them for optimal success in both traditional marketing and online optimization. When interviewing Cause of a Kind for consideration to re-design one of our clients websites and support us with additional digital efforts, COAK stood out amongst their competitors.

Today, upon completion of that project, I am glad we went with this team. They are diligent, responsive and think with growth in mind. This was critical for us. Thank you Justin & Michael for executing this project so efficiently. Not only do I appreciate your work ethic, but how much I’ve learned from you throughout the process.

Marilia Nunez | Director, Marketing & Creative Design

Build: High Fidelity Brochure Website

Cause of a Kind is run by two exceptionally knowledgeable people. Their passion for the work they do is obvious. They are very responsive when help is requested and do their best to make sure all questions are answered in a timely manner. Rather than just do everything for you, they help guide you to be able to work through issues you have. This helps their customers learn and become more involved in their websites and design. It’s been a pleasure working with them.

Rebecca Axelrad | Social Media Coordinator

Build: 9 Website(s) Headless Ecosystem