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An experimental extension of digital creativity, COAKfilms tells deep stories of human connection, environmental sustainability and socioeconomics.

Who is Cause of a Kind? What do we do? Take a journey through some of our portfolio and catch a vibe along the way.

  • Director/Producer/Editor: Cause of a Kind Films

At our core, we are mission driven. We choose to fight for climate change and environmental preservation as an ethos of our business. A purpose higher than capitalism and greed. #TakeBackTomorrow: LESSONS | Is a love story between a young girl and her relationship with her natural backyard and its degredation over time.

At the height of the pandemic Park Avenue Rehabilitation and Extended Care facility had to adapt. We created the very first virtual tour to accomodate families, patients, social workers and practitioners while in person tours were not possible.

In 2020, Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation needed to boost morale and try to own their narrative during very strugglesome times. FULL FEATURE

In 2021, the Townhouse Center for Rehabilitation was still struggling to provide in person walk through's of the facility for families, patients and professionals. They decided that a virtual tour, focusing on the culture and energy of their home away from home.