Startup Mastermind Coaching with Mike & Justin

Combining their experience and knowledge, the Startup Mastermind Coaching Sessions are designed to educate, demystify, and support professionals pursuing what comes next.

2:1 Coaching and mentorship sessions are designed to support curious and ambitious minds in their pursuit of achieving their technology goals.

  • Throughout these sessions you can expect to achieve significant milestones:

  • Understanding your business climate and competitive ecosystem

  • How to validate early product ideas

  • Exploring technology and service providers

  • Early marketing strategies for building audiences

  • Sales and customer acquisition strategies

  • Tactical technology skills from user story mapping, UX/UI design, technology flowcharting

  • Mindset mentorship and avoiding "head trash"

  • Understanding Product Market Fit

  • Inception marketing and Go To Market strategies

  • and more...

2:1 Founder Coaching Sessions

Mike and Justin are co-founders of award-winning, internationally acclaimed Startup Igniter, Cause of a Kind.

Separately they have had 15+ year careers in their respective disciplines working for, and with some of the most recognizable brands on the planet, from early employees at unicorn startups to SaaS brands, enterprise brands, agencies, and more.

Together, they co-founded Cause of a Kind, which ships over 30 software products annually and specializes in supporting founders in taking their ideas from ZERO-TO-MARKET.

1-on-1 Product and Technology Consulting

Hey, I'm Mike. I'm an award-winning designer, engineer and creative technologist that helps daring founders ship valuable software. I span the disciplines of product, design, and engineering to bring high quality products to market in record time.

1-on-1 SEO and Marketing Consulting

Hey, I'm Justin. I'm an award-winning SEO, marketer, and creative technologist who helps smart people make valuable decisions. I span the disciplines of Search Marketing (SEO/SEM), Click Rate Optimization, OmniChannel Marketing, Cross Channel Digital Strategy and Brand Marketing. I am also well known for my strategy for early software ideas called "Inception Marketing", enabling founders to catch an early series of data and a pulse of their desired customer market.


TakeTatt has the ambitious goal of making tattoo removal affordable, and a better overall experience. One of the challenges is servicing thousands of clients efficiently, with fewer labor resources. I think one of the many challenges posed when starting a new project is choosing the right solutions of technology, logic & user experiences. In my past experiences, working with even the most talented engineers, is that you simply take your idea to them and it's created only to discover that it really could have been done in a better way.

The moment we got started with COAK, I noticed the difference. They understood the entire tech landscape, and all the tools we had at our disposal. They listened to the problems that we were looking to solve, and asked questions that were intuitive. They provided solutions that were thoughtful, and provided pathways to future projects and features. I can confidently say that they will save us countless time, and money in the future by fully understanding our business and it's goals.

Wes Henderson | Co-Founder

Build: Back Office Web Application / CRM Platform / Internet of Things App

Program: Startup Igniter


Being an outsider to the world of tech, I had an idea for a real estate review website without any idea how to bring that idea to reality. After a few dead ends in trying to find a designer who could provide the solutions I needed, I followed a referral and contacted Cause of a Kind. In our first meeting, not only did they grasp the core concept of but already sketched out several key technology solutions and data sources. Since then, Cause of a Kind has been the technology partner that not only built but also with whom we continue to collaborate to enhance the web application. Cause of a Kind has been an excellent collaborator in the development of HouseCrunch and I could not recommend them more.

Karl Runft | Founder

Build: Web Application built on Vercel, Node.js, Next.js, Faunadb and Algolia

Program: Startup Igniter