Startup Igniter

startup program

The Startup Igniter program at Cause of a Kind stands out by offering founders a flexible and speedy path to market. Our unique offerings, ranging from DISCODAY to DEVSHARE, allow founders to choose the level of engagement that suits their needs. What sets us apart is our commitment to getting ideas to market in 12 weeks or less with an agile approach.

Unlike traditional accelerators and incubators, we take founders the first mile. From inception to product market fit. We understand that innovation takes various forms, so we provide customizable support. Whether you need a quick burst of innovation or ongoing development at cost-effective rates, we're here to help. Cause of a Kind is your partner in achieving rapid success in the dynamic startup landscape.


A single day to tackle a variety of potential tasks. Whether is a day to research and explore, a day to design, a day to develop, or a day to innovate, the DISCODAY®️ is designed to provide maximum effort, one day at a time.


DISCOWEEK®️ Takes an Idea-To-Prototype in a single week. The goal is to catch a pulse from the market, fail fast, and obtain quick, quality feedback before committing to building a full feature platform or service.


WEEK2WEEK®️ is designed for continuous Discovery, Design, Development and Deployment at your pace. A truly Agile approach to building, testing, and iterating on software, preserving the highest quality and speed while mitigating risk along the way.


MONTH2MONTH®️ is for the long haul. A dedicated full time, full stack, full service team, to support your continuous business needs. As an extension of your team, without long term contractual commitments and removing the need to time track. No one likes to time track.


DEVSHARE®️ allows for pooled resourcing. Access to top, full stack, talent to continuously design, develop and deploy, without the burden of supporting a dedicated resource. Always be shipping and share the team with other COAK portfolio customers.

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