The Importance of SEO in Web Development: Understanding the Human Experience and User Expectations


The Importance of SEO in Web Development: Understanding the Human Experience and User Expectations


Cause of a Kind is an SEO first, web development agency, and we know the importance of SEO. SEO is a term that you have probably heard before but do not fully understand what it means or how development teams can utilize it in order to guide both humans and search engines to critical content that can contribute to website or app traffic, conversions and revenue. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization but these days it is much more than that. Today. it is the conscious inclusion of user expectations with focus on navigation, user intuition, and an inticing call to action funnel, taken into consideration. For example: how does your website feel when someone visits it? Does their experience match their expectations?

SEO first web development means considering the user experience as a priority at the start of development. SEO first web development is the conscious inclusion of SEO at all point of development from database configuration to design and display. SEO is transforming into Human Experience Marketing. With that in mind, SEO first web development always takes into consideration what a user expects and how the site will feel when they browse it.

SEO can help your website rank on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) by increasing keywords relevance and keyword usage for your site page with descriptions that are accurate and up to date. It is absolutely critical that developers and engineers consider the current list of rank factors, algorithm shifts, schema markup, speed, load times and performance, as well as URL taxonomy when in the earliest stages of design and development.

SEO first Web Development also increases SERP rank results that will lead you towards higher rankings, which in turn will give you an edge over competitors who may be less engaged with effective SEO practices.

The Importance of SEO: User Expectations Matter! For more information about how we provide great web design services tailored according to what your customers want please contact us today.

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