Mission Driven Perspectives

We look to partner with organizations that stand for something. Naturally, we do to. These are our opinions and beliefs.
  • AI and Software: The New Frontiers in the Fight Against Climate Change

    By: Justin Abrams2023-10-20

    Explore the transformative role of AI and software in combating climate change. Dive into real-world examples and discover how technology is reshaping our approach to environmental sustainability.

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  • Embracing Entrepreneurship: A Tech Founder's Leap from Professional to Pioneer

    By: Justin Abrams2023-06-16

    Explore the journey of a tech professional who tackled a productivity gap by creating her own software, transforming from a seasoned professional to a successful tech entrepreneur.

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  • Unconventional Wisdom: Thriving in a 50/50 Business Partnership with Your Best Friend

    By: Michael Rispoli2023-06-08

    My business partner is also my best friend. We are also 50/50 partners. Every decision we make requires two yeses. Despite the near ubiquitous advice that having a partnership like this is a disaster, for us it works. If you're wondering how, it's grounded in three core principles that I'll share.

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  • Software Orchestration : The Sound of Music

    By: Justin Abrams2023-03-07

    Software orchestration is a process of coordinating and synchronizing different departments and teams within an organization to produce top-quality software products. It involves managing the entire software development life cycle from design, development, testing, and deployment to post-deployment maintenance and support. This approach helps organizations to achieve their business goals faster and more efficiently, reduce costs, and stay competitive in the fast-paced technology industry.

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  • Pheydrus Podcast - Web 3.0, Spirituality & Male Leadership

    By: Justin Abrams2022-12-09

    Cause of a Kind is an elite team of software and web developers, advisors, consultants, and designers founded by Mike Rispoli and Justin Abrams. They help brands create scalable & secure digital presence by building software products, with one of their recent projects being AngryBirds by VeeFriends. Mike and Justin focus on partnering with companies that have powerful social impact initiatives and are committed to making a difference in the world.

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  • Best Friends Forge Career With Long Island-Based Software Business

    By: Justin Abrams2022-12-05

    ISLAND PARK, NY — Justin Abrams, an Island Park resident, is CEO of the creative studio, Cause of a Kind. The technology company builds software for small businesses. Abrams said they partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help with their vision.

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  • Our Ideal Customer Profile

    By: Justin Abrams2022-02-03

    At Cause of a Kind, we always want to accomplish our core mission. We specifically aim to attract organizations of all shapes and sizes that have roots in cause and mission. We look to attract businesses with missions committed to making an impact on society, the environment or are in pursuit of original innovation.

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  • Location Based Wage Gaps are Dying

    By: Justin Abrams2021-09-22

    At Cause of a Kind, we remove location from the equation. We want to identify top talent. We pay a standard rate for the role and in the entirely remote environment, we do not consider where a team member is from, only that they are talented.

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  • Climate Software for the Future

    By: Alfred Indigo2021-09-13

    September is climate change awareness month, and for many climate scientists, there is no software more important to their work than climate models. These climate models allow researchers to simulate the effect of human activity on our world in order to determine the most effective ways to slow climate change while making predictions about what can be expected in the future.

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  • Crowdsourcing Education : Building a Serverless Stack Overflow for Students Learning at Home

    By: Michael Rispoli2021-06-08

    Building a Serverless Stack Overflow for Students Learning at Home. At the height of the pandemic in April 2020, as we watched the New York City Department of Education turn to an entirely remote learning environment, we saw an opportunity. Create a web-based, subscription-based software, where students could crowdsource their education. Breaking the barriers a classroom presents, by giving students from all over the world, the opportunity to connect with educators from all over the world.

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  • Cause of a Kind is a New York Top 30 Software Development Agency

    By: Justin Abrams2021-06-02

    Cause of a Kind has been ranked as one of the Top 30 Software Development Agencies in New York by DesignRush Marketplace.

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  • Full Stack Developer | Paid Internship Program | Long Island, NY

    By: Michael Rispoli2021-02-18

    Cause of a Kind is a creative agency partnering with entrepreneurs, businesses, and innovators to design and develop software to meet business needs. We are constantly seeking Full Stack Developer Interns for this continuous, paid internship program.

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  • Virtual Tours through a Pandemic

    By: Justin Abrams2020-10-08

    Especially within the industry of nursing, healthcare, rehabilitation, and patient treatment facilities, the need to adapt to a new normal of inbound patient and family experiences has been critical. Working with Philosophy Care and the Park Avenue Extended Care facility, we are proud to present a virtual tour, through a pandemic, in response to an inability to offer in-person walkthrough and tours to families and considering patients.

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