Location Based Wage Gaps are Dying



Location Based Wage Gaps are Dying

Did you know that companies are paying foreign workers in India, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Brazil and other countries less because they live there? An equally talented individual with the same skill set as an American, but is paid 1/8th the wage?

Of course there are many, many factors. But many times it is quite difficult for people outside of the US to come up with the resources to relocate, especially considering the amount of time certain jobs can allow for relocation. The US dictates the salaries for most jobs, representing the total opportunity for income at a certain skill level. But, how is it that a Lead Software Architect makes 50% the salary in Oklahoma, or Nigeria, or Haiti, than the exact same Lead Architect in New York City or Silicon Valley?

Sure, we could use cost of living in some locations as opposed to other locations, but we are talking about specialized roles. We are talking about years of school, thousands of hours of practice, and a life commitment to building web solutions. We could find a dozen reasons in both directions both in support and against wage gaps and location based wage cuts, but why? We want the absolute best talent, regardless of where they are in the world, and the cost to us is agnostic of location.

At Cause of a Kind, we remove location from the equation.

At Cause of a Kind, we remove location from the equation. We want to identify top talent. We pay a standard rate for the role and in the entirely remote environment, we do not consider where a team member is from, only that they are talented. At the same time, we also are proud to employ a significantly diverse team and are proud to be a truly equal opportunity employer.