Our Ideal Customer Profile



Our Ideal Customer Profile

Over the years, Cause of a Kind aspired to be an array of lofty distractions. We often have a really great laugh and ask each other, "what were we thinking"? Like the time that we were so stoked on summer, that we decided to try and make our own line of Sustainable Surf Wax. Regardless, the goal was always to do no harm, and to keep a mission driven focus, regardless of the outcome.

In truth, Cause of a Kind, as it exists today, is a globally recognized house of software engineering excellence with a hyper focus on mission drive brands. However, it was born out of our own professional and personal experiences. We were exhausted by mediocraty. We were exposed to so much bloat, and unqualified decision making, that we simply needed to be the better alternative.

As "they" say, the river follows the path of least resistance. We simply made a promise to ourselves a long time ago; we ship absolute quality, no matter the cost. It is not a commitment to our customers. It is a commitment to our legacy.

Absolute Quality is what separates us from any other organization. Absolute, bulletproof quality. It is quite rigorous to achieve, and sometimes, very costly, and not all customers are always going to be happy with the final result, despite our commitment to quality. Sometimes it is at the sacrifice of speed. Sometimes it is at the mercy of budget requirements. But for us, as we narrow our stance, and explode our reputation on these fundamentals, we find more and more often that speed and cost are secondary to the need for quality. Afterall, we are building your dream and hopfully your legacy.

We would hope that a customer would make this their top priority when looking for a development partner. We speak deeper about this in an early article titled, "If You Buy Cheap, You Buy Twice." This simply comes from our experience as "rescue divers to hopes and dreams".

Where We Thrive

At Cause of a Kind, we always want to accomplish our core mission. We specifically aim to attract organizations of all shapes and sizes that have roots in cause and mission and specifically look to attract businesses with missions committed to making an impact on society, the environment or are in pursuit of original innovation.

As we navigate a deeply critical and competitive industry, we defend ourselves with the ability to say NO. Sometimes, regardless of the attractiveness of a contract, it just does not meet our core mission criteria and we respectfully refuse partnership. Cause of a Kind aims to do no harm, but leave a lasting impact. We aim to partner with organizations, businesses, innovators, pioneers and disruptors to bring world class talent to critical problems that technology is primed to solve. To accomplish this, we have to be critically selective in our partnership engagements.