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Cause of a Kind is an elite team of software and web developers, advisors, consultants, and designers founded by Mike Rispoli and Justin Abrams. They help brands create scalable & secure digital presence by building software products, with one of their recent projects being a Retro Flappy Birds reimagination by VeeFriends. Mike and Justin focus on partnering with companies that have powerful social impact initiatives and are committed to making a difference in the world.

HeyJune speaks to Mike Rispoli and Justin Abrams about their story on founding COAK, and how spirituality impacted their growth as not only business partners, but as lifelong friends.

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Time Stamps

Introduction 00:00- 01:20 Founding the company 01:20- 05:24 CoaK background 05:24- 12:11 Building trust 12:11- 19:28 Going full time 19:28- 24:19 The big moment 24:19- 38:39 Vee friends 38:39- 54:57 Leading vs. being lead 54:57- 59:46 Online communities 59:46- 01:010:41 Juggling relationships and entrepreneurship 01:010:41- 01:29:24 Future goals and the past 01:29:24- 01:33:04 Problem-solving in women and men 01:33:04- 01: 35:26 Current and future project 01:35:26- 01:37:51 Parting words 01:37:51- 01:38:41