Virtual Tours through a Pandemic


Especially within the industry of nursing, healthcare, rehabilitation, and patient treatment facilities, the need to adapt to a new normal of inbound patient and family experiences has been critical. Working with Philosophy Care and the Park Avenue Extended Care facility, we are proud to present a virtual tour, through a pandemic, in response to an inability to offer in-person walkthrough and tours to families and considering patients.


Prominently located directly in the middle of the "Little City by the Sea" in Long Beach, New York, Park Avenue Extended Care serves a broad community providing a diversity of rehabilitative and nursing services.

Park Avenue Extended Care

As a long term partner and client of Cause of a Kind, Philosophy Care Centers have evolved to operate a multitude of rehabilitative and nursing facilities throughout Long Island, New York and the greater New York Metro area.


As the business navigates the challenges of a pandemic, especially around the pre-admissions process, a critical step that inbound and considering patients and families commonly request are a tour or walkthrough of the facility they are considering. Navigating limitations, these facilities have adapted, explored creative alternatives to virtual tours and socially distant inbound experiences to adopt a virtual tour experience that represents the quality of the experience, the staff and the facility that a patient or family would experience.


Cause of a Kind is proud to partner with some truly powerful industry creatives who allow us to produce the highest quality visual products. Thank you to our Director of Photography, David " Brick" Brickley and Film Editor, Adrianna Merlucci, for once again producing an impactful final product.