Climate Software for the Future



Climate Software for the Future

September is climate change awareness month, and for many climate scientists, there is no software more important to their work than climate models. These climate models allow researchers to simulate the effect of human activity on our world in order to determine the most effective ways to slow climate change while making predictions about what can be expected in the future.

As scientists look for partners who have climate software goals, they are often approached by organizations that wish to support climate model development through sponsorship of specific climate simulations or research projects. One such organization, ClimateSim , is focused on leveraging climate modeling technology to educate people about climate science. "From our perspective," explains ClimateSim co-founder Dave Siegel, "climate science is best served not by increasing complexity but by increasing clarity."

"climate science is best served not by increasing complexity but by increasing clarity."

At Cause of a Kind, we have a core mission. We aim to partner with organizations rooted in mission driven initiatives, specifically focused on Environmental, Social or political impact. As we look forward to our 2022 goals, climate change is a primary place where we will be able to impact the world as climate models provide us with an understanding of how climate change impacts our planet.

In considering climate software, it's not enough for this software to exist alone. Software must include features that improve human capability in climate modeling and climate science. These climate simulators are used by climate scientists daily in order to make their research more effective through improved data or reduced time to analyze results.

We hope to partner with a well-known climate or environmental activist group that is looking to improve their access to software that serves people with information and high-quality user experiences. We hope to present climate software that is user-friendly, informative, and approachable by diverse communities.

There are numerous climate applications that are being developed to provide climate science information for the public. These climate software programs include climate simulators, animations of climate models, visualizations of climate data, access to scientific literature about climate change research findings (i.e. IPCC reports), and historical climate records (i.e., NOAA Paleoclimatology).

We hope to work with any number of them.