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Search Marketings Evolution Towards Human Experience Marketing

There is a paradigm shift in Marketing.

Emotionless, machine driven, artifically intelligent customer targeting, forced advertisement and brute force gorilla warfare strategies and enough money in paid strategies that we could have fed every hungry child on the planet like kings, every day, for a decade. Combine the worlds rush and absolute savagery for a split second of attention, and you get modern Marketing and Advertising.

When we zoom out and return to the university fundamentals of Marketing, we learn that becoming a true student of your customer is the true path to brand affinity.

It is not about bombarding social media with a campaign to buy more cutting edge dog training solutions, or to go purchase a new pair of unstainable, unrippable, never before tested in reality, super pants.

It is about a brands core mission to truly embed itself as a trusted source for the moments that matter to a consumer, multiple times through their lives.

Take Patagonia. This brand is obsessed with continuously intersecting with the human experience. From its media to its commitments to climate change, to its employee handbook, this business is fundamentally designed to listen to the audience and adapt the strategy to create a brand that continuosly intersects back with its ever expanding community of super consumers.

Here at Cause of a Kind, we specifically enter the world with this focus. A robot cannot replace the agility, the charaisma, the deliberate, emotional and passionate commitment to cause. It cannot market with love and empathy and connection.

Join me and Barry Schwartz of Rusty Brick, as we explore the idea of Human Experience Marketing.

Meanwhile, Barry spoke with Justin Abrams of BrightEdge about becoming a “human experience marketer” and it almost makes me feel a sense of equilibrium. Sure, the machines may be taking over on the search and paid advertising side, but we non-machine mortals will be here to anchor the search experience in our shared humanity. Carolyn Lyden, Director of Search Content Search Engine Land

In the latest vlog, Barry interviewed Jutin Abrams, the Senior SEO Consultant at BrightEdge and co-founder of Cause of a Kind.

Justin has a knack for truly understanding the person he is talking with and really being able to relate to that person on their own level — a real benefit when it comes to SEO. Our first topic of conversation was related to how to use human experience in your marketing. Justin explained that there is a shift in digital business going on.

Early on, people were focused on driving web performance but now there is this shift where we’re moving from search marketers to human experience marketers. It is all about asking, “How does what I write, what services I provide, and what I build serve a human need?” It is about putting the human at the epicenter of the decision making process. Carolyn Lyden, Director of Search Content Search Engine Land


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