Why React and React Native are the Future of Web Development



React & React Native: The Future of Web Development

These Javascript libraries have been around since 2013 and 2015 respectively, but they have recently seen a rise in popularity. With the latest releases of React came some major changes that made it even more useful for developers to work with; these updates include a new way to create components, reusable functionalities, better performance on mobile devices, and much more!

React is an open-source Javascript library that was created by Facebook in 2013. React has taken off as a widespread and popular framework for web development because of its ability to render fast, interactive user interfaces. A lot of the time React is used when building mobile apps or websites with large amounts of data due to how efficiently it can handle

React also connects and symbiotically supports headless content management systems which allow webmasters to have nearly infinite control over their web experience. This is great for those who have a lot of data to present and want users to be able to interactively manipulate that information.

React Native also works well when developing mobile apps or websites with large amounts of data due to its ability to render fast, interactive, user interfaces. If speed and user experience are core values, there may be no better option for a lean, fast and flexible code base.

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