Utilizing Schema Markup


Utilizing Schema Markup

Schema markup is crucial for any website looking to rank in search engine results pages. It helps with everything from page organization and navigation, to schema types that help you control how the content of your site is displayed. For example, schema markup can be used as a way to specify which images on your site are clickable or downloadable. Without schema markup, it would be difficult for Google Search or other major search engines to parse out what information about your site they should display in their listings.

Schema markup helps with page organization and navigation, which also benefits user experience. For example, schema can be used to specify the order of content on a single web page or what elements users should see first when they visit your site. Schema is a valuable developer tool that ensures critical aspects of a web page are easily recognizable by a search engine.

For example, schema markup can be used to display hours of operation for a storefront, or where a product description can be found on a PDP.

Product Page: Capture1

Hours of Operation: Capture

Endless schema variants can be found at schema.org and the most critical to Google search can be found on developers.google.com.

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