The Age of Artificial Intelligence, Powered by Human Intelligence


Think about that for a moment. Artificial Intelligence, powered by human intelligence.

There is a symbiosis there. When a business thinks about applying AI to their motion, it begins with curiosity. We’re not talking about using ChatGPT, or some other “AI” tool, or a generative AI tool like Midjourney or Dall-e or We’re not talking about AI note takers like or even research tooling like Google Gemini. There are now countless tools in the market that all have a little wrinkle to differentiate themselves, but they are largely the same. We refer to these endearingly as, party tricks or worker-bee efficiency tools.

Not to diminish the herculean effort it takes to create these tools or the value that they bring to their customers, we are just talking about a bigger opportunity for transforming businesses…

We’re talking about creating a business intelligence tooling for the evolving and innovating business.

Cause of a Kind is fortunate to be on the conceptualization side of the AI era. Businesses of all shapes and sizes come to us with their data. The innerworkings and the plumbing of their business and ask a simple question.

How could this data inform a proprietary AI solution, to give our business a 10X advantage above the competition?

Innovating businesses are running pilot programs. It is now so much more than asking company staff to dabble with ChatGPT, or explore a customGPT. This is about creating new infrastructure within a business. This is about meeting technology and adapting to a new way of conducting business.

The market for AI solutions, proprietary, inhouse, home grown solutions to independent businesses is upon us. So much so that we recently attending a conference hosted by MongoDB. Traditionally, MongoDB is a database platform (oversimplified for the non-technical reader). Curiously, at the event, every vendor, every presentation, every discussion was on the topic of AI. Major players in the space from Amazon Web Services, to Microsoft Azure, to Google Cloud Platform, were all flexing their presentations to the topic of AI and how businesses can evaluate their tools to inform decisions impacting custom solutions.

It is obvious to us. The age of AI is in it’s infancy and the era of business adaptation and transformation will likely mimic the transition experienced when moving to the internet, or adopting email, or some other collectively moving internet based event.


None of this is possible without Human Intelligence first.