The 2 Things Every Developer Needs From You Before Any Code Is Written


A web developer is the backbone of any web project. The web designer and web developer work together to create a site that provides the best user experience possible. For this reason, it's important for web developers to have certain aspects completed before they start writing code: comprehensive design phase accounting for all templates, all components, all integrations, and all database requirements as well as articulate bite-size task lists broken into granular projects to ensure no missing steps. This blog post will go over these 2 things every web developer needs from you before any code is written.


A comprehensive Design Phase is absolutely critical business for a web developer or engineer to be successful on any development project. Delays and miscommunications are avoided when the web designer has input from a developer before he begins writing code. Another reason to complete the design phases first is that it will provide valuable information for any future web developer or engineer to take over on subsequent projects, giving you peace of mind knowing your vision is intact and carried out successfully.

When designing templates, it is critical to ensure that the designer keeps the developer in mind, but most importantly, keeps the human visitor in mind. The web designer should aim for a balance of aesthetics and usability. A web developer will need accurate specifications before he needs to write any code, so it is necessary that the design phase be complete with all templates accounted for, as well as all components, integrations, and database requirements.

Development and technical project management can make or break the deliverable. It’s also important to provide articulate task lists in the web design phase, broken up into smaller bite-size pieces so that there are no missed steps.

As a web development agency, we find it critical to have accurate task specifications and functional prototypes in place before any code is written. This helps us avoid costly mistakes on both ends of your project lifecycle and allow for smoother development. It also limits the uncomfortable conversations regarding scope creep and land mines.


Skipping a thorough design phase and finding a unicorn that is truly talented in both design and development with autonomy is a risk that a professional development house avoids entirely. There are challenges on both ends of web development projects, and a web developer is only as good as the web designer who provides them with accurate specifications to work from.

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