"I dont need a website"


Its 2019. Here is how the world currently works, and WILL NOT being going backwards.

Currently, life is full of decisions. In digital, we call them, Micro Moments. At almost all times, we are looking for information. We either want to know something, go somewhere, buy something or we want to do something. Whether we are looking for a doctor or a coffee shop, a mechanic or a salon, you need to consider ways to differentiate your business. In urban or suburban, densely populated retail environments, this is even more pressing.

How do you differentiate a nail salon or barber shop or tattoo parlor or doctors office from the 20 other competitors within spitting distance or each other?

Today, people research your business before making a decision. Time is precious and people are moving faster than ever. We have access to a computer at all times with our mobile devices and have the ability to make more accurate decisions that fit our personal lifestyles.

Fact: Your business is judged, at some point or another, by its web presence and user experience.

In very few scenarios; speakeasies, underground concerts or clubs, exclusive experiences, might not want a website. In reality, your website is the face of your business, and the central hub for your entire marketing strategy.

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Digital Epicenters

Think about this. You are running some kind of acquisition marketing strategy. Whether its old school penny savers, mailers, email blasts, flea markets or farmers markets or maybe it is a sophisticated strategy incorporating a full digital marketing and acquisition campaign. Regardless of your commitment to marketing, it ALL funnels to your website. The gatekeeper to your business.

What if you don't have a website at all, or that website is sub-par and difficult to gain information or perform an action on? Trust that at some point, your business is judged by your website.

Remember, life is made up of these Micro Moments. Think about your own life experience; where do you find information? Whether you use the internet or not, yourself, chances are, your customer definitely uses it.