eCommerce Technology is Evolving



eCommerce Technology is Evolving

The eCommerce technology market is a competitive one, and eCommerce businesses are constantly looking for ways to provide the best shopping experience possible. This can be tough given that big commerce platforms like Shopify have limited product customization features. However, there are still quite a few solutions available to big commerce users! The future possibilities in big commerce range from unlimited variants (think color or size) product animations, and augmented reality all looking for ways to captivate new customers and entice them to return!

Custom eCommerce platforms and progressive web stores are becoming more common in an attempt to accommodate digital customers. They are also becoming wildly flexible in order to customize to the business need, and offer a seamless experience to digital customers.

From customizing product details like color or size to providing product animations that help customers visualize what they are buying to mobile augmented reality which allows customers to "try on" their options before committing to purchasing, businesses around the world are looking for the cutting edge of eCommerce. In order to achieve these new requirements, platforms can’t get there without progressive eCommerce solutions! This is where headless CMS platforms and custom order management systems come in handy. A business's ability to find creative solutions to problems such as unlimited variants, product animations and augmented reality for in-home experiences, headless CMS platforms are enabling businesses across the globe to compete with new standards that present themselves every day.


The idea behind a headless CMS solution is to provide an all-inclusive platform that lets businesses customize as much as possible with less effort on behalf of developers. It also comes equipped with powerful tools such as visual editors, drag-and-drop functionality, automation workflows and more, giving businesses unprecedented flexibility when it comes to customizing their eCommerce experience.

If you want to make customizations or updates, it's as simple as clicking a button. Why headless? You get the CMS functionality without having to add an additional layer of complexity and maintenance for your developers while still being able to provide custom eCommerce solutions that can be tailored specifically for businesses' needs.

  • custom web store

  • headless CMS platform

  • order management systems

The future is limitless and endless when it comes to possibilities in this industry thanks largely in part to new technologies like these!

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