We're a band of skilled digital artisans operating as a surgical team, deploying the skill set needed to accomplish the task. We explore the bleeding edge of what is possible, what is practical and what is progressive. Simply, were here to shake things up.

Justin Abrams

Lets just say, Justin took the long route to co-founding an agency. The marathon approach, definitely works. Beginning his professional career nearly 15 years ago as a Customer Success Manager at a pre-seed FinTech start up, and eventually finding his way to an internationally recognized MarTech powerhouse, Justin emerged as an industry thought leader in SEO and Search Marketing, with an emphasis in the organic consumer experience.

Since 2015, Justin has held a position as Senior Search Consultant, partnering with the most recognizable brands on earth, to drive digital best practice across all channels of the marketing mix. He is known to progresses the intersection of marketing and technology across all industries and business verticals. He passionately brings deep pedigree and robust digital experience to the partners of Cause of a Kind.


Mike Rispoli

Mike is a career Software Engineer with over ten years of experience designing, building, and maintaining web applications. He has both built and led software teams to build applications in artificial intelligence, e-commerce, mar-tech, and native mobile apps. Over a long career, and now a 2X CTO, he has developed his talent at digital agencies, early SaaS startups, and enterprise level brands. Mike thrives in an environment where complex business requirements need to be taken and broken down into elegant technology solutions.

Developing and streamlining systems that improve people’s lives, is his passion and what drove him to co-found Cause of a Kind. Now his goal is to share this experience with the team at Cause of a Kind and bring elegant solutions to mission-driven businesses, large and small.


Jesse Goodenough

Jesse is a senior full stack software engineer with nearly 15 years experience building software applications. He has worked on a variety of platforms and products and today specializes in developing large-scale javascript and typescript web applications. He is passionate about building resilient code bases with a high focus on long-term maintainability and productivity.

Software Engineer

Anthony Iritano

Anthony is a front end software engineer and a new face to the world of web development. A hobby of Video game design and development eventually led him to finding a passion and career in programming. Working for COAK has given him the opportunity to expand his knowledge and explore this field while working on interesting and inovative projects.

Software Engineer

Walid Boubguira

Walid is a polyglot (Multi-lingual) Full-stack developer passionate about building cutting-edge UI interfaces with innovative intentions. Wal is experienced in multiple frameworks & libraries with a focus in SaaS platforms. He is a continuous volunteer tutor at Rutgers University for new students enrolled in full-stack web development courses.

By embarking on the COAK ship in early 2021, Walid expanded his programming skills while participating in multiple high-fidelity projects. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer, learning new patterns and technologies and exploring Brooklyn and Greater NYC.

Software Engineer

Hadi Baltagi

Hadi is a Senior Software Engineer with over a decade of experience building platforms, websites, mobile apps and more, always solving complex business problems at the bleeding edge of web framework. Over his career he has contributed to some socially impactful mega projects, such as the largest delivery logistics platform inclusive of Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) software written in C++. Hadi is truly developing solutions to deep problems for both consumers and enterprises, alike.

He is also an early pioneer in blockchain technology and is currently focused on React, React Native and Node with remarkable scalability skills. Hailing from Lebanon, with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering and a Minor in Information Technology from Michigan State University, Hadi brings a wealth of experience and talent to the COAKgang.

Team Lead - Software Engineer

Nick Massian

Nick was first introduced to the sport of business through a high stakes, high action, commission based sales job back in 2012. He has since forged a career as a successful business consultant, with over 10 years of marketing, branding and client services experience. Nick is passionate about helping businesses find their brand identities and prides himself as a well rounded digital generalist with an emphasis in customer success.

Nick acts as the bridge between our clients and our internal team, assuring everyone has the resources they need to be successful. His project management experience and keen ability to solve complex problems orchestrated with software and automated solutions are part of the backbone here at Cause of a Kind. In his spare time, Nick enjoys studying quantum physics as it challenges a human’s conventional beliefs about how the world works and hopes to use it one day to solve real world problems.

Account Manager

Raul Proenza

Raul put his Computer Science degree to great use and comes to Cause of a Kind as a Senior Software Engineer with more than 15 years of professional experience. He is passionate about elevating business ideas from conceptual visions to completely ground breaking functional software systems. He is in constant learning mode, always seeking new and more efficient ways to deliver higher performance and security to software solutions with a commercial focus towards profitable technology solutions.

Raul’s professional experience ranges from ERP projects, which have been used to manage the economy of an international country; to Conversational Intelligence software that is designed to inform businesses how to engage, convert and retain users; to e-commerce solutions with global visibility, servicing millions of users.

Principal Engineer

Brian Macdonald

Bio Coming Soon!

Team Lead - Software Engineer