HEROES Spotlight: Todd Blumberg


Tell us about yourself. What makes you, uniquely you? Can you tell me a bit about your background, your hobbies, your human experience?

After nearly thirty five years here on earth my back hurts but overall it's been a solid ride; depending on how you look at it, which I think was shaped in my upbringing / background. I was fortunate enough to have a one-stop-shop super mom and a cool, odd father and bonus, amazing step father. Sure, my household was chaotic and messed up but I've grown up to appreciate the blessings and learned how to be a good person because of all my parents.

After 34 + years, I can say I am happy with who I am becoming because of my past experiences and yes, even the messed up decisions. Learning from my parents' mishaps and wins has been huge too.

Surfing takes priority for me. There is no better hobby or sport, in my opinion. Tennis is good but impactful on my joints and snowboarding needs to be in primo conditions. I consider myself more athletic now than ever and I prefer to use hobbies as exercise versus the traditional gym.

The need to shred burns deep within me and I plan on implementing it into my daily dream lifestyle soon, list follows in no particular order:

  1. Surf ( in warm water )
  2. Work ( TV & Film Creative Ventures )
  3. Cook ( outdoors )
  4. Socialize ( host dinners etc )

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You have a creative relationship with nature, theater, art, food, and film. As a lifelong creative with an attraction to comedic and dramatic art, what are some things that inspire you, challenge you, and keep you motivated to continue to evolve?

I like enjoying the moment and filmmaking is a great medium to create those moments, so is surfing. It’s mental. And when I cook, I'm committed to nature. For me it comes down to doing whatever the F*** you want, which is what I do to keep me happy and what I do best. I can only speak on my instinctual, primal feeling of passion that burns in many forms it can be a craving for Empanadas or a story I just can't wait to tell. Comprehending the opportunities and love around my life, I can say let nature take its course and set sail on all your creative desires, that's the ultimate truth of how I got to here mid-route of this awesome life. Challenges are expectations and daydreaming. Just do the work and the rest will show up.

As a young man, you explored the reaches of your interests and creativity. What are some notable experiences that have shaped your creativity and have lent themselves to your current bodies of work?

While I am still exploring, most of my work is centered around identity, whether it be insecurities, comedy, religion, or mental health issues, I use filmmaking as a means of exploration and catharsis to better understand who I am and work through life experiences.

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You have had a very non-traditional route, professionally. There is something to be said about following your passions and pursuing your own truth. Tell us about your relationship with nature, the ocean, the mountains and spirituality and how they have guided you to craft a professional experience perfectly matched for you.

I grew up climbing trees, scraping my knees and located outside at any given opportunity. I became a “natural” story-teller over time. My interests stem back to the rainforest club in elementary school, to finally going to Costa Rica and seeing some poison dart frogs in person. There's some magic out there, and it's in nature and space. Which is the same, just one has oxygen?

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As an actor, writer, producer, director and business owner, the need to upskill and constantly evolve, pursue relevancy, and explore the reaches of your skillset, we have to ask, what are some practical ways that others can explore towards mastery of their own craft?

  1. Work relentlessly
  2. Do not quit just dont stop
  3. Commit to creating your destiny and taking control and finding a crack in the system.

You write, produce and create to evoke emotion and to challenge cultural, social and environmental experiences that you encounter. You discover inspiration everywhere you go, but there must be a couple of things that you constantly drift back to. What are some of your roots? What are some of the constants that keep your grounded, inspired and in pursuit of your art?

Family overall. My inspiration comes from the feeling of home blended with an imaginary life of the feelings I want to have.

Routine. Routine is key – It’s a sensitive balance between healthy and overdone. As an entrepreneur and creative, my schedule is entirely up to me. Waking up early has been crucial for my work. Go outside.

Where can people find you or get in touch? How can people get involved in ultimately giving back to things you truly care about? What are some projects, initiatives and adventures you're really proud of and would like others to learn about?

I really like ART TO ACRES a non-profit initiative. It connects art and large-scale land conservation by raising funds through the sale of specifically gifted art works and voluntary donations.