HEROES Spotlight: Alexandra Kahn


Alexandra Kahn is a photographer, videographer, story teller, rock climber, and all-around creative based out of Broomfield, Colorado. She has a passion for the outdoors and travel that is evident in her work and lifestyle. We first caught up with Alex before she embarked on a climbing trip to Hawaii. We got to ask her a few questions about her journey and how that translates into a passion for the environment.

How did you get started climbing? What is your origin story?

My mom is actually a climber, she started dragging me to the gym when I was 4 and outdoor trad and sport crags when I was 7. So as long as I can remember it has been a part of my life but I wouldn’t say I truly fell in love with the sport, to the point where I now go outside to climb alone if I can’t find someone to join me, until I was 25/26. I’m 29 now. But I’ve always appreciated it and thought of it as a part of who I am.

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Looking at your Instagram it looks like you are passionate about many causes from animal welfare, to humanitarian issues, to environmentalism. With so much to do in all these areas do you have a particular focus?

While I would love to get more into animal welfare and plan to, my first love has always been the environment. I work with the Access Fund, American Alpine Club and a few eco friendly brands like Onsight Equipment, and can only hope to leave some sort of legacy in terms of environmentalism.

If you were able to speak to all the young people out there looking to identify with an activity or passion, what would be your advice?

My true love of nature blossomed with the ability to travel and photograph my surroundings. My advice would be to go to a new place alone, or with a patient person, go for a walk and get off the beaten trail and take your camera. Walk slowly and look everywhere, attempting to see the subtleties and intricacies of the world around you. I do this all the time and it rejuvenates my soul and makes me so grateful to live in such a diverse world.

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Tell us a bit about your current work with the environment and any organization that you are working with for a better tomorrow?

I am a full time photographer and videographer who works in the outdoor world. I do commercial, fashion, weddings and portraits and for the most part everything is outside. I work hard to get the people to appreciate the nature around them by capturing the beauty. I am an ambassador for Onsight Equipment and LifeStraw, two companies trying to make a huge impact in the outdoor industry. And like I said before I work with The Access Fund and American Alpine Club. My goal for this year is to work with more outdoor centric non profits and sustainable outdoor brands and I recently made a commercial for Women’s Wilderness Project. I feel like I can make the most impact by teaming up with the companies that need more creative marketing and media content and helping to spread awareness of those brands and organizations.

What are your future ambitions for both yourself and the brand you are building?

Hmm well I want to finish a young adult book I have been writing for awhile. I want to have multiple creatives working under me but with a diversity of skills so we can provide more to the clients we work with. And I want all the companies I work with to provide something meaningful for society and inspire change towards a more sustainable future. I would like to create content for an adult audience but then have in-house animators to create simplified and animated versions for kids since educating them about the environment and inspiring their love for the land is the only hope we have.

What is your biggest victory to date?

Hmm professionally, I just found out my last documentary film is on Qantas Airlines which is super cool and I landed a multi page article with my words and photos in the French Climbing magazine Grimper which will come out this winter. Personally, I would say coming back from a horrific back injury where I was told I could never boulder again.

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What's one things you wish every person would either do or be mindful of every single day when they wake up, focused on the environment and self improvement?

Be mindful of the natural world around you each morning. Look at the sky, the birds, listen to the plants rustle in the wind. Watch the sunset or the moon rise as often as you can and be grateful to be in the present moment. Take a deep breathe and relax, however, remember that every person on earth including you has a meaning and an impact and what you think and do and say matters to the earth and it’s people, so be mindful of your choices.

Where can people find you, follow you, and get involved in what you do?

My personal Instagram with my adventure and climbing photos of myself, my friends and my personal stories is alex_simone88 and then I have a commercial account as well @asinspiredmedia.

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