Headless Crypto Payments

Headless Crypto Payments allows a website to offer payments with cryptocurrency, without the need to use an institutional platform or vendor. This is a wallet-to-wallet payment experience, complete with centralized customer data for billing and shipping.

Finally, a combination of decentralized payment combined with centralized fulfillment and order management allows the transactional efficiency of the blockchain with the ability to retain customer details for a progressive eCommerce experience.

Begin the Shopping Experience

Begin by selecting a product in any eCommerce store. Beginning the transactional funnel, business as usual.

Add Products to Cart

Manage the cart and select products while navigating through multiple Category Landing Pages and Product Display Pages in order to fill the shopping cart prior to checkout.

Navigate to Checkout

Once the cart is full, navigate the the checkout experience to begin the typical checkout experience as an expected user experience.

Complete Checkout

Complete the shipping information as expected through a traditional eCommerce checkout experience. Prior to selecting tradition payment options, a new option to Pay with Crypto will appear.

Connect to Web3 Wallet

The major wallets in the web3 DeFi space will appear as connectable options to begin the wallet to wallet signature process. Once the wallet is selected, authentication will commence.

Complete the Crypto Transaction

Once the Crypto transaction has completed authentication the purchase may be completed. At this point, the customers shipping information will be used to email confirmation details, tracking details, and any email campaigns as expected. The order can be tracked in a customer portal and an order history as usual as well. Transactions can be modified or refunded via a wallet-to-wallet transaction as well.