Contentful Shopify Integration (CSI)

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The Future of Transactional Websites

The Contentful Shopify Integration (CSI) offers eCommerce businesses the opportunity to further simplify their inventory management, merchandising, and fulfillment requirements by leveraging what is the best of Shopify while avoiding the pain points.

Businesses are taking a visual branding approach to the web experience and traditionally, customizing Shopify proper, offers a difficult experience to achieve what brands envision.

Contentful as a content management system offers an opportunity for an eCommerce site to achieve any UX/UI requirements while maintaining website performance, allowing for micro-adjustments to support SEO and marketing initiatives while allowing for maximum control over media assets and outside platform connections. Let us help you explore the cutting edge of Headless eComm. Achieve SPEED and BEAUTY like never before.

Augment your headless Shopify experience with Contentful. We set you up with the right content models to provide syncing between Contentful and Shopify as well as an api layer to merge both data sets together. Use Shopify for pricing, stock, and merchandising, use contentful for organization and rich content.

  • Two way sync your content in Contentful with products in Shopify

    • Structures Contentful so that you can map products, options, variants, and collections into your Shopify store

  • Integrate with ANY API or Webhook service in the market today

If you are exploring a robust Contentful to Shopify Integration, please contact us

Contentful + Shopify DEMO

The future of eCommerce flexibility.