Recycled America Tee

100% certified organic cotton* and made in America tee, promoting recycling and better waste disposal. Each shirt supports Recycle Across America(R), helping to make it easier for people to start recycling properly and ensuring that our recyclables stop ending up in landfills.

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All shirts are made to order and we print zero excess, so please allow 7-14 days for delivery.

*We use 100% certified organic cotton whenever possible, however due to supply chain limitations we must sometimes use cotton that does not carry the full organic certification.

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About recycle across america

Recycle Across America(R); (RAA) and Recycle Across the World(R); (RAW) are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to expediting environmental progress by creating the world's first and only society-wide standardized labeling system for recycling bins to make it easier for people to begin to recycle right, wherever they might be. Additionally, Recycle Across America is helping people understand the importance of recycling right, with the introduction of the first celebrity-led solution-driven PSA campaign -- called "Let's recycle right!"R) a.k.a. "Let's"(R).

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