About Cause of a Kind

founders mike and justin


A friend of ours used to tell us, “don’t talk about it, be about it.” Something much easier to say than it is to live by. That’s most things though, isn’t it? It is much easier to perceive ourselves one way--to recite a mantra until we think it’s true.

This isn’t just a startup, or a product, or some check you write and take a picture with. This isn’t a fancy commercial, ripe with crescendos, images of birds taking flight, and time lapses of sprouting seedlings. This project is about taking your consumer power and attention and holding it up for the greater good. It’s an investment in our future. It’s not a click or a swipe on a like button. This is a place for you to build a better tomorrow.

It started as a small idea, to build a store that made a difference. Then we had a crazier idea, what if we could sell products for ninety days, made specifically to raise money for different causes? It has since evolved into more than just a store. It is also a publication that features amazing people, pursuing amazing goals, who have a focus on reducing their own environmental impact.  We work with the most interesting people on earth and strive to share their stories—stories of humanity and its coexistence with the environment.

Offering something unique is more than just creating value from scarcity or a buzz of desire. It’s an opportunity to showcase the roots of a cause, to create a piece of cultural art, and an icon of our heritage. A unique piece of clothing can symbolize your core beliefs in a way that most legacy organizations just can’t. An incredible story shakes us into action and touches us deep in our core.

Our parents’ generation was impressed by rags to riches stories and luxury goods—big shots and glamour. Our generation wants to know how does your brand contribute? Now that you’ve made it, how does your brand give back? We aim to be that brand. To contribute more than we take. To help our customers be a part of a brighter future.

Give back with us.

All the best,
Mike & Justin